Company Description

Seismic Works  is a leading provider of recruiting and job placement services for the Seismic Industry. Our staff has several years experience with seismic operations and recruiting. Our goal is to be the link between job seekers and employers in North America and Worldwide. We want to enhance job seekers’ opportunities to advance their careers in the seismic industry and at the same time ensure employers have the opportunity to connect with experienced, qualified personnel.

Job Description

Responsible for the configuration, operation, and maintenance of seismic mechanical equipment.  Including high pressure air guns, hydraulic systems, lifting and towing appliances, cables, deflectors, buoys, and ropes.  Duties also include planning and executing maintenance programs for seismic source, mechanical hydraulic and rigging equipment onboard. 


– Relevant offshore experience

– Willingness to travel and work offshore for extended periods of time

– Experience of Seismic Sources / Compressors and Gun Controller systems